The Baby Room!

I know many of you have been waiting patiently for these pictures.  This will give you the over all feel of the room, even though I don't have everything displayed yet.  My lovely sister Anna has agreed to help me with one of the projects, but since school work comes first, it may take a bit before it gets hung.

So, for a sweep around the room... right to left.  (I know kind of backwards, but that is what worked out this time.)

So as you walk through the door, directly to your right is our glider rocker
(craiglist find which I am in the process of recovering)
On the wall next to the glider is where the project that Anna is working on will be hanging :)

Next, is the closet and changing table.
I had to get some fabric and make my own closet door, as the by-fold would not open with the changing table that close in front of it.  It worked out great anyways, as I got enough fabric for a valence and for the project Anna is working on.

One the other side of the window is the crib.

Check out the awesome gender neutral colorful bedding
my Vanden Toorn relatives so kindly gave as a gift!

Another view of the crib from the side.
Above the crib is another project I was working on lately.  

Here is a closer view...

What this is supposed to be is the baby name.  I have the letter cards hanging backwards, as we do not know what gender the baby will be, but I have already starting putting on some of the letters, so you will have to wait till later to find out what it is.

For a little fun, see if you can guess what the names are!  
Here are a couple hints: 
1. Both boy and girl names are five letters long, as you can see, so it made it easy for me to have this made ahead of time
2. They both start with the same letter.

I am excited to see what you all come up with!


  1. Caleb for a boy and Calli for a girl? just the first thing that popped into my mind. :) Now I am curious. Love the bright colors in the baby room. Hope your baby comes sooner than later

  2. I like the green that you have put in there :)

  3. Thanks Jess, no comments on names? ;)

  4. James and Jenna popped into my head. All the best when the baby comes!

  5. Emily and Ellis, Chuck and Cheri,
    Megan and Micah from (Grand)Ma

  6. Cute! I like your name card thingy...although you'll probably be moving it when baby starts to stand and gets into everything!
    As for names. No idea! I don't know if you're traditional, semi-traditional, Biblical traditional, Biblical different, way-out-of this world different, strange spelling different... ;)
    But here's a guess:
    Hmmmm...do I keep going down the alphabet? ;)
    Now waiting to hear the good news! Hang in there and all the best!

  7. You could have kept going, Sandra! :) It would have been very interesting to see what all you come up with for each letter.


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