Love one... LOVE ALL!!!!

Engagement Pictures are finally available for public viewing!

On a crisp Saturday morning... that started out very foggy because of the rain we received during the night, but ended up sunny... my lovely future sister-in-law did a wonderful job of taking our engagement pictures! The location we selected was in Rockford, by a few buildings and the dam. With the leaves turning colors for fall, the pitures are playfully fun!

Here are many of my favorites (there are so many that I like, I just can't decide!)


more Wedding Details...

The Reception location has been booked and the caterer is in the works! This is going to be soooo much fun!! We hope that you all will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed everything they have to offer, but I will leave you in suspense as you will have to come and see what I mean!

All my bridesmaids have finally tried on the beautiful dress that I have picked out for them and they looked absolutely stunning in them! Now of course, they won't out do me, but they have to look pretty too, especially when they are standing next to me! ;)

Andrew and I registered at Sears in Canada this past Saturday! We had quite an enjoyable time doing it. Andrew was a great scanner while I walked around and selected the items we needed to make our future home well equipped with all the basic necessities the average wife needs. So ended our 2 hour afternoon with a list of selected items which I will be doing some comparing with the Sears here in Grand Rapids. As for the rest of the registry listings... I hope to get everything all squared away at Bed Bath & Beyond in Grand Rapids.

Well, that is all for now folks! Hope you have a fabulous week!


Canadians be prepared...

Andrew and I have finalized our date for July 31, 2010!
We will be having the wedding in Grand Rapids, MI and Andrew hopes to move here as well.
So for all our lovely Canadian family and friends who will have to get a passport to cross the border, I just want to apologize in advance for all this extra hassle, but just think... passports last many years, so you will be able to use it again for visiting us after the wedding! Now I think that is a wonderful idea! Don't procrastinate! We really would LOVE to have you share our special day with us!

Wedding details!!!!

For all you ladies who are a just antsy to hear about wedding details, I have some information for you!
I found my dress!!!!!
My sister and I went shopping together and we were pleasantly surprise with the find of all times!
Now for the rest of the never ending list of details!