28 Weeks!

Time is getting closer!  It is exciting for me to think that about 12 more weeks left to go before we get to see this precious little bundle.  Yet, it is also a little nervous as I start thinking about making sure I have things all ready to go both physically and mentally.  When I think of all the birthing options available, I makes me a bit nervous.  I hear about different complications that can happen with delivery, etc.  I need to remember that no matter what happens, the important thing is that the baby is healthy right?

I also had my glucose test this past doctor's appointment and thankfully my levels are fine.

Here is what the little one looks like now:

Here is what I look like now: :)


Backyard Intruder

Hi, my name is Roxy.  I live with my kind masters who give me everything I want.  They will even play with me and scratch my belly anytime I roll over for them.  I like to protect the house and yard from any fury intruders, such as birds or squirrels or other dogs that maybe walking across the front of the house.  I really enjoy the nice fenced in backyard they made for me, especially this time of year I enjoy going out side to run around in this white fluffy stuff.  You know that it is really good to eat, right?  I just can't see to get enough of it.

I was outside one day with my master and we were shoveling off the deck, at least I was helping him shovel the deck.  Then I was chasing him around the yard as he was starting to create large balls with this white stuff.  I watched him make him make 3 different size balls and place them on top of each other.  I did not know what they were for, but I had fun running around them.  I finally gave up and decided that I had enough of the cold and white stuff and wanted back inside.

Later... BARK!  BARK!  BARK!  Who is that strange looking person in my yard? Bark! Bark! Bark!  I can't stand him!  I MUST go out side and make him go away!  He is not moving when I bark at him.  Who can this be?

Hmmm.... he isn't moving!  Dare I get closer and sniff him?  I don't know.... well....maybe.  He smells just like that same white fluffy stuff.  He still is not moving!  Strange!   Well, if he isn't going to be of any harm then I guess I can let him stay here.


A Fresh New Look!

My dad does maintenance at our church's local elderly manor and came home with this beauty!  Apparently it didn't work anymore, so the lady had him hang a new light fixture in its place.  So he brought it home to see if anyone wanted to use it or play around with it.  When I saw it, I immediately asked if I could have it!  A can of paint, some new wire, a new chain, and bulbs brought this light fixture a long way to looking much more appealing!




Design Your Own Blog - No Experience Necessary!

I just wanted to share with you a wonderful new eBook that just came out over at Growing Home!  I am excited to read this book as Jacinda was so sweet to put together tidbits of knowledge she has learned about designing your own blog, especially if you have never done it before.

Check it out HERE as you can get your own copy of this as well.


Happy New Year!

A Blessed New Year to you all!
Wishing you God's richest blessings for the upcoming year.

Looking back over 2011, I hope you all can look at things in a positive and negative way.

Positively - remembering all the many wonderful things that happened in the past year.  Counting the many blessings God has blessed you with and where you may have learned from as well.

Negatively - looking at areas in your life this past year, where things should be adjusted.  Areas in your life that could use a little critical examination and a potential change for the better.

Well, I must say that for me there are is list under both categories.  I cannot be more thankful for the many blessings I have received over the past year.  As I look carefully at myself this past year, there is always room for improvement.