Why Study Creation?

Ever wondered why we should study creation? Many times we take this for granted and think that we know already about it and that we believe it, etc; but are we truly able to stand up for what we believe?
At our church this past Sunday morning, Dr. David Murray preached a wonderful, practical sermon on "Why Study Creation?" and he gave many reasons why we should. Creation is the foundation of the bible, the number one attacked truth in our own day, it is dangerous to assume knowledge and faith about creation, those who truly believe are saved, and it strengthens the faith of those who already believe. "Ultimate reason is that it teaches us about God!"

What does this truth of Creation teach us about God?
1) God Exists ~ God has left evidences on everything that He made
2) God is Powerful ~ "created"- the most powerful word in the world, only God can create something out of nothing
3) God is Wise ~ shown in His methodical care and intelligence
4) God is Good ~ in His abundance, in how He created, in when He created, and in why He created
5) God is Blessed ~ satisfied with His own work
6) God is Sovereign
7) God is a Savior ~ we have to stand before Him, he offers us a "new creation", recreating creatures for a recreated world
8) God is Glorious
Is there evidence in us that God is all these things?

You can listen to his whole sermon HERE!

Many youth in our day do not know how to stand up against attacks on their belief about creation and end up falling in their faith, because they were never fully taught about it growing up. Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum has put together a book on the research they did about conservative reformed kids. This book is very touching and I think something that all parents and children should read. It explains why many kids have left the reformed faith and how we can help stop the younger generations from doing the same thing.

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