Learning from God's Creatures

Recently we had the opportunity to visit a christian owned family farm, called The Critter Barn, as a family outing.  Avery had a blast petting and watching and seeing all the different animals.  They allow kids to be very hands on with petting, holding, feeding, and even milking.  They even have a washing area for everyone to wash their hands after petting and holding the animals.  They have lots of volunteers and staff around in every department.  This definitely a place we will be visiting frequently as Avery gets a little older and would appreciate holding and helping out more with some of the "chores".

We started it out with watching a baby calf drink from a really big bottle
 then we saw this friendly goat with really big floppy ears

 she had fun petting the super soft rabbits
 even this extra soft angora rabbit

 and got to go into one rabbit box and chase then around a bit
 she didn't want to hold the chick but was willing to pet them
 this pot belly pig kept grunting at her
 another friendly goat

 some turkeys, the male had his feathers all on display
 posing in front of this ram with big horns
 this girl was trying to get Avery to milk the goat, but she didn't to touch it
 so daddy tried it instead

We loved it so much, we want to got back again!