Today, I celebrate my 29th Birthday!  This is when you stop counting, right?  I remember as a teen that I looked at those who were 29 as so much older and more mature!  I thought it would take FOREVER before I got there!  ... and .... so... where did the time go?

Despite the speed of time, I am still very thankful and feel blessed every day to be the wife of Andrew and mother of our sweet little girl, Avery.  God has granted me many wonderful things and I am so grateful to be a part of them all.  I pray that this coming year will be a year of new discoveries for God and that I will be able to show the glory of God in all that I do for my family.

Andrew and I hope to celebrate on Friday night with Dinner and who know what else he has planned. :)

This is the busiest birthday week in the Moerdyk family.
My brother, Matthew, celebrated his 14th birthday on Tuesday, September 18th.

My brother Dan's girlfriend, Jade, celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, September 19th.

Now, mine being on Thursday, September 20th.  This is the only month that we have so many all in a row!

Well, I just want to say:
Happy Birthday!!!
to both Matt and Jade on your birthday and I hope that you both will be richly blessed by God in all that you do this coming year. Matt, as you are growing more and more into the teenage life, may you see God's goodness in all that He gives you and as you begin to make decisions in life.  Jade, as you are away from our family this school year, may you continue to stand strong for God and His truth.
God Bless!


3 Months Pictures

Here are a couple 3 month pictures from a photo shoot we did.  Avery was 3 months on July 24th.  I absolutely LOVE the one of Avery and her cute dimple. :)


Our Life is in God's Hands

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of love and care shown the kids who are either mentally or physically handicap.  It is the love of Christ shown through the love of friends and family to theses precious little ones.  Each one has his/her challenges that is brought into the family, yet love sees past that.  Love sees the beauty of Christ and the wonderful blessing He has given in allowing little children like this to be brought into the hands of loving Christian families, so that they are not ruthlessly murdered through means like abortion.  It is the hardened selfish hearts of the ungodly who only see what is in it for themselves and not for the Lord and others.

Today, I went to a funeral visitation for my cousin's daughter.  She had Zellweger Syndrome and even though the length of her life was unknown, the family poured their love on her as much as they could during the short almost 5 years they had.  You can see the many pictures and memories they cherish, on my cousin Mary's blog post HERE.  It is sad to see such a little one go, yet a relief knowing that her struggles on this earth are over.  She was always a happy girl, despite her deteriorating health.  The family would share pictures on a regular basis of her sweet smiles. 

It especially hits hard when, after reading all the wonderful stories of how children are a blessing over at Growing Home for the month of August in her Children are Blessings Series, to now deal with a little child in the family taken by the Lord.  Yet we know that no matter what challenge God puts in our life for the time, it is all for His honor and glory. Witnessing the loss of life, should only make us lean more on God and His grace through the gift of life in us and our children.

I pray that God will continue to be with my relatives as they will be putting their sweet girl in the grave tomorrow.  That He would fill the emptiness that is left with peace and joy knowing she is resting in peace with Her creator.  My heart goes out to them in this trying time.