5 Weeks and Growing!

Avery is 5 weeks now and continues to grow!  She is about 8 lbs now and doesn't fit into some of her newborn outfits anymore.  Here are some pictures of her having fun with her 'toys' and simply enjoying herself.  She is a good baby and doesn't complain too much.  When she is full and clean, she can lay anywhere enjoying herself and looking around for a good half hour.  After that, she wants to be held, or put to sleep, or fed, etc. :)


Thank You FRC of Grand Rapids!

Our church does a baby shower for the first child born to each family in our congregation.  It is always a fun time together and I have always enjoyed going for other showers, but it is different when it ends up being your own.  I have a new appreciation for the overwhelming feeling that each new mother gets as they are piled high with all kids of gifts and clothes and cards.

Here are the pictures from the evening.
Getting ready to open gifts

Avery was passed around for everyone to see :)

Cute girls!  ... and the pile of gifts on the table behind them.

Admiring the cute cloths Avery received

These large gifts were from those who contributed toward bigger items like...

a highchair,

and convertible car seat.

giving my 'Thank You' speech

Delicious food!

Even Rebekka got to hold Avery!

Trying on her new head band

The Star to the Show!! :)


Dutch Tummy Tub

Here are a couple pictures of Avery taking her bath in the Oh. So. Fun. Dutch Tummy Tub.

A big Thank You! to Aunt Meta for bringing this back from Holland with you.  It is meant to remind the baby of being in the womb, so when you put them in there, they thoroughly enjoy themselves.  It also gives you a picture of what they were like in the womb moving around and floating in the water.

I have started to use it a few times at night, to relax her before bed so we both can get some better sleep!  :)


Random Pics of Avery

Here are a few random pictures I took of Avery this week.  I tried hard to catch a few smiles, but because they are so random at this point in time, it was hard capturing them.  Hope you enjoy them! :)

Showing off her dress for Grandma Bergsma :)


Avery Channelle

Avery Channelle
Born Tuesday, April 24, 2012
at 12:31 AM
6lb 12.5oz & 17.5 in. long

Seeing as it is 1 week today that little Avery was born, I thought I better get caught up on pictures!  I have been spending the last week trying to get caught up on sleep and feel that each day is another step closer.

We are definitely enjoying her each day and soon we will not be able to imagine life without her.

Here are all the pictures from the day of her birth and family visiting.

Cutting the cord

Proud Daddy!!!

First Bath

Happy Mommy, glad things are over! ;)

Proud Moerdyk Grandparents of #1!

Aunt Lenelle...

...and 'Uncle' Ian (soon on July 26, 2012)

Aunt Jolena...

...and Uncle Marvin

Uncle Sam

Uncle Dan

Aunt Anna

Uncle Matt

Aunt Trienna (at 10 years old)

Proud Bergsma Grandparents of #15!

Look familiar? I think each Grandpa did his fair share of picture taking. :)

On our way Home!!!

Roxy met Avery as well.