Avery has a new friend!  Little Brenna came over today for the first time and will be back again tomorrow.  I am just starting to babysit her three mornings a week while her mommy (a friend of mine from high school) teaches a couple classes at a local christian school.  She is one and a half months older than Avery, so we are hoping that they in end up becoming very good friends.  Here you can see them playing together in Avery's room.


Advise Needed!

Help!  What do I do to keep intruders away from my flower garden?  My lily buds get eaten in the spring and my hostas have most of their leaves chewed off already!

Now, my impatiens are COMPLETELY gone!

Anyone have a good suggestion of what I can put on there to keep the deer away?  I like my garden to last a little longer throughout the summer.  I would greatly appreciate any advise that you may have for me.  Anything will be better than it looks right now.

Thank you very much in advance!


Watching and Learning

Avery is intently watching and learning.
Who is she watching so intently...???

Yup, she is watching mommy do her own hair.
 She absolutely loves her bumbo seat as she can now see more than she did laying on her activity mat or in her bouncy seat.  Also, the bumbo is smaller so she can sit up on the table while mommy and daddy eat dinner.  I even take her outside in it and she can sit in the grass watching me weed the garden.  Now she feels more a part of what is going on and mommy can get more done!



I just absolutely LOVE our little girl's giggles!  She is overall a very happy baby of which we are very thankful for.  Here I laid her down for a minute and hardly touched her, to which she started giggling.  So I couldn't resist videoing it for you all to see as well.


Moerdyk Family Reunion

Yesterday we had a wonderful time seeing all our aunts, uncles, cousins, and second cousins, who we don't see very often.  There were people there from the east coast and the west - New Jersey, Ontario, Michigan, Washington, and British Columbia!  97 crazy Moerdyks running around Uncle Henry and Aunt Sue's condo.    We missed a few more who couldn't make it from Michigan, Montana, Alberta, & British Columbia.  We all had a blast!

Here is a group picture of us all.