Watching and Learning

Avery is intently watching and learning.
Who is she watching so intently...???

Yup, she is watching mommy do her own hair.
 She absolutely loves her bumbo seat as she can now see more than she did laying on her activity mat or in her bouncy seat.  Also, the bumbo is smaller so she can sit up on the table while mommy and daddy eat dinner.  I even take her outside in it and she can sit in the grass watching me weed the garden.  Now she feels more a part of what is going on and mommy can get more done!


  1. Hi Cherise,
    I hope that you do not consider me a busybody to tell you this, but please do not put Avery on the counter in her seat. I made that mistake 20 years ago. My oldest fell and fractured his skull, and it was a rather nasty accident.
    Also, I just read yesterday on another blog that the Bumbos have a recall which is for a safety strap. Maybe you should look into that, too.
    You have a darling little girl, and I'm sure you want her to be as safe as possible.

    1. Thanks Marcia for you concern and advise from experience.
      Yes, I did see the recall and have ordered a safety strap already. When I started using it, I knew that I had only a short time when I could use it elevated a bit. I felt that she is not heavy or big enough to try to wiggle her way out yet. When I had her one the counter it was in the corner of my U shaped kitchen, so she is the most protected with counter all around her (similar to being on the floor). I use it on the floor 99% of the time. I have not had her elevated recently and don't intent to as she gets bigger and stronger.


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