Visiting Dad at Work

Last week Friday, Andrew's work had a time in the afternoon where the family can come and visit.  So, we took that opportunity as well to visit dad and see what this desk looks like and play with his "toys" a bit as well.  It was nice to see everything.  Andrew took us around and showed us the different departments that work on various parts of a car.  We walked through rows and rows and rows of cubicles!  As much as Andrew would tell me how many people worked there and that there are so many cubicles that they have to give "street names" to each aisle or row so that people will know where you are sitting.  Andrew's desk is near the intersection of Infinite Loop and Main Street. ;)

Well, here you have the pictures to prove we were there!


6 Months Old!!

Avery is now 6 months old!!  She is a ball of energy and simply doesn't like to sit still, even though she can't crawl around yet.  I can only imagine what she will be like once she does become mobile.  I am not sure if I am quite ready for that.... but sooner or later it happens, right?  She does not have any teeth yet, though she does like to chomp on my fingers or anything else that she can get her hands on.  She is fairly stable with sitting up by herself and at times will still lose her balance and fall over.

On a beautiful 70 degree day last week, I took the opportunity to take her 6 month pictures.  She had so much fun!  She had just woke up from her afternoon nap and was as happy as can be.  I have one problem, though.... I can not decide which picture(s) I like the best!  So, I have numbered them and hope you can help me decide. :)


Good Points - Presidential Election

I came across this great article on the upcoming election that we should all read.  I think as Christians, it puts a good perspective on things, especially for those who are undecided about who to vote for.  It is 8 pages long and will take a bit of time reading through it, but definitely worth it.  So I would suggest maybe printing it off and then you can read it at your own pace and highlight whatever you feel is important. :)

Obama, Romney, Other: Who Should Christians Vote for in the 2012 Election? 
You can find it [HERE].


Crawling (Wiggling) Attemps

Avery is trying so hard to get to things and just doesn't know how to get there.  She will wiggle from side to side and in the process does inch her way around.  She also rolls over and pushes herself back which gets her places as well.  The other day when we was playing so nicely in her room with Brenna (her friend) I left then alone for a bit and came back to find Avery under her crib.  She wasn't complaining, at least not yet, and still had her head out from underneath.  I have a couple storage boxes stored under there of either clothes she had just grown out of and ones that she will be needing soon, so she couldn't go too far under there as her feet bumped up against the boxes keeping her from sliding farther under the crib.

Here is a little video we took the other night of her trying so desperately to get to Andrew.


Just Do Something

Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung

I found this little book to be a very easy read and full and great material!  We studied this book as a bible study group and we all really enjoyed it.

Mr. DeYoung addresses many of us who struggle with knowing what is truly God's will for our lives and how to handle what to do.  We can't sit and wait for God to write out plain and simple what we need to do for every little step in our life.  At some point we have to take some initiative ourselves.  God has given plenty of guidelines for us to follow in His Word and from there we should be able to make healthy decisions.  And if it is not His will for you to go in one direction, we will make that clear to you and open another avenue.  As the old saying goes, '"You don't know, until you try!"  The same is true for our lives.  In this book Mr. DeYoung encourages and challenges us to not be afraid to move forward in life, instead of remaining 'stagnant'.

I hope you will take the opportunity to read it yourself and see how you too can be encouraged.


Daily Fall Visitors

Turkey anyone?  We have plenty!  These turkeys have multiplied like crazy over the last couple years.  They drive our dog Roxy crazy and she would LOVE to get out there and chase them!  They just wander around the neighborhood.  Up and down the sidewalk, in people's yards, etc.  I counted 13 of them this morning!  I don't remember ever seeing that many at once last year.

You would think that we live in the country of something, with all the wildlife that shows up around here.  I will try to take a picture of the herd of deer that we have too.  Mamas & babies all over the place!


Chevron Yellow...LOVE!

See my black sofa here?

See the black pillows on there well? You can hardly see then because they blend in so much and there is so much dark going on!

Well, I decided to make an end of all this blackness and add some necessary color!  I went to Field's Fabrics to have a look around and see what would screen out to me.  And this is what I found.

I LOVE the pop of yellow and the Chevron pattern.  So I purchased the the bit of fabric and hurried home to get working.  Now my pillows are complete and this is what my sofa looks like now!  Don't you just love the added color?  And how about that cute little center piece? 

Here is another one that I just couldn't resist showing you as well. :)


Away with the Salmon!

You may remember my Craigs List find of these really cool mid-century modern chairs and loveseat set from a long time ago on a previous post [HERE].  If not, I don't blame you because it has been quite a while.  Well, I frankly didn't care for the salmon color, although it is original, and so decided to recover the cushions to my taste.

I spray painted the legs black and found some fabric for a really good deal at Field's Fabrics in their summer tent sale and set to work recovering.  I had 95% of it done a while ago, but then put everything on hold when I had Avery.  Now I have finally completed it and can show you all what it looks like!  This set is sitting on our front porch and so is the first thing you see when you walk into our house.


Good Points... Modesty

I would like to refer you over [HERE] where Rebecca VanDoodewaard speaks about true Christian Modesty.  She is very straight to the point and brings out some thoughts that we all really need to think about.