Daily Fall Visitors

Turkey anyone?  We have plenty!  These turkeys have multiplied like crazy over the last couple years.  They drive our dog Roxy crazy and she would LOVE to get out there and chase them!  They just wander around the neighborhood.  Up and down the sidewalk, in people's yards, etc.  I counted 13 of them this morning!  I don't remember ever seeing that many at once last year.

You would think that we live in the country of something, with all the wildlife that shows up around here.  I will try to take a picture of the herd of deer that we have too.  Mamas & babies all over the place!

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  1. yeah cherise, i dont know why the updates arent showing. weird! ill ask another friend and see. anyway thx for your continual checking ;) the post on modesty makes more sense after u explained it to me. just wanted to check :)


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