Who wants toys when there is tupperware!

Here is our little mischievous girlie!  This is what Andrew saw when he came home from work last week.  It kept her busy so I could focus on dinner. :)


9 months Old

I know these are a bit old, but I finally downloaded them off my camera and edited them.  Things don't happen as fast as they used to around here and my blog has kind of taken the back seat as I keep busy with other things around the house.  At least you will get to see these pictures and then soon enough I will be posting one year pictures!  Can't believe it is already close to that time!  Her 9 Month pictures were taken informally as I didn't have the time for anything more, but they still turned out cute. :)

Birthday Party Time!

We have friends who all had a child around the same time as Avery so at our recent get-together, we celebrated the already one year olds and the soon to be one year olds.  Here are some pictures of the the four kids and the cake.
 each one grabbed his/her own little pin wheel

The two boys had already turned one, the two girls were soon to be one.