Bergsma Families' Moving Day(s)!

Andrew's brother(Tim) and sister-in-law(Jen) have completed their 4 year stay in Grand Rapids for Tim's schooling at PRTS. Tim is now an official candidate for the FRC churches! You can see a post about the graduation HERE. The fact that Tim is done schooling also meant that they can no longer stay in Grand Rapids, due to the expiration of the student visa. So on Thursday, they loaded everything up into the "biggest" U haul they could get. They had lots of help from friends around and on Friday made the trek back to Canada to live with Andrew's parents for a while.

Tim & Jen's U Haul

If one family moving wasn't enough, the Bergsma parents are moving as well! This is all happening on the same weekend! Dad Bergsma is a pastor and accepted a call to an FRC congregation 2 hours east of where they live now. Saturday morning is when everything was packed up with lots of help from others in the congregations, to be unpacked later that afternoon/evening at their new house in Welland, ON.

Loading the trailer with another truck waiting

All 3 brothers working hard loading the trailer

It took 6 guys to move the Piano down the stairs and out the front door

Tim & Jen's U haul spent the night in London, ON to help the parents pack theirs and then they both left to continue the trek farther east! Tim, Jen & daughter Hadassah will be greatly missed here in Grand Rapids and I know Mom & Dad Bergsma will be greatly missed in London congregation.

Wishing you all they best as you move forward in life!! We love you!


Why Study Creation?

Ever wondered why we should study creation? Many times we take this for granted and think that we know already about it and that we believe it, etc; but are we truly able to stand up for what we believe?
At our church this past Sunday morning, Dr. David Murray preached a wonderful, practical sermon on "Why Study Creation?" and he gave many reasons why we should. Creation is the foundation of the bible, the number one attacked truth in our own day, it is dangerous to assume knowledge and faith about creation, those who truly believe are saved, and it strengthens the faith of those who already believe. "Ultimate reason is that it teaches us about God!"

What does this truth of Creation teach us about God?
1) God Exists ~ God has left evidences on everything that He made
2) God is Powerful ~ "created"- the most powerful word in the world, only God can create something out of nothing
3) God is Wise ~ shown in His methodical care and intelligence
4) God is Good ~ in His abundance, in how He created, in when He created, and in why He created
5) God is Blessed ~ satisfied with His own work
6) God is Sovereign
7) God is a Savior ~ we have to stand before Him, he offers us a "new creation", recreating creatures for a recreated world
8) God is Glorious
Is there evidence in us that God is all these things?

You can listen to his whole sermon HERE!

Many youth in our day do not know how to stand up against attacks on their belief about creation and end up falling in their faith, because they were never fully taught about it growing up. Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum has put together a book on the research they did about conservative reformed kids. This book is very touching and I think something that all parents and children should read. It explains why many kids have left the reformed faith and how we can help stop the younger generations from doing the same thing.


Gift & Special Event Ideas Galore!

Ever wondered what to get for someone that was cute, inexpensive, and handmade but you don't have the time to make it yourself? Etsy is the perfect site for you! I have found many cute things on there that would be a perfect gift for others. Or...you could even use the site as inspiration for creating your own gifts!

Gifts is not the only thing you can purchase on there. Many offer items that can be used for weddings or any other special events. I am going to share with you a friend who is trying to gain a little more promotion for her own products. She has many really neat items for sale, but is also trying to increase her wedding collection as well.

Here is what she said:
"I have an Etsy shop www.tedandlucy.etsy.com and I'm looking at making a new wedding specific shop. I've sold many items in the black and white damask pattern (see photos) and have gotten rave reviews - so far my stuff has been in weddings from California to Florida to Conneticut. ALL my items cordinate - escort cards, table numbers, menus, favor tags, programs, a large "Thank You" sign, cake topper, cake table square, and guest book. I will make everything very personal, it will look like it all belongs in YOUR wedding."

Escort Cards

Table Numbers & Menus

Ceremony Programs

Thank You Sign

What do you think? I think it is all pretty cool! Personalized, homemade, perfect for any one who might be looking for something fun and different, adding a boost of design to any decor!


One Man's JuNk - Another Person's TrEaSuRe! (part 2)

Ready for another Craig's List find?

After spending quite some time continually checking for a good buy and also making sure that it was something that I could live with, I finally came across this bed for our Master Bedroom!
It is a King size bed, with dark stained wood and wicker panels for decor. I am not a huge fan of the wicker, but don't mind it as well. I do in-vision, however, a transformation coming sometime in the near future for this set. I won't disclose to you yet what it is that I plan on doing with it.

You will have to look for future posts on renovations we hope to do to some pieces of furniture and to the house! I am excited! I can't wait to have the time to start working on these projects!

The lamps that you see in the picture... they were another Craig's List find!
Sorry, I just can't help it! Practically everything I have gotten to furnish our new home was either found on Craig's List or purchased at a yard sale. That is what happens when you are dutch and just starting off your married life as poor college graduates!

One Man's JuNk - Another Person's TrEaSuRe! (part 1)

I LOVE going to yard sales looking for great deals! Or even better yet... Craig's List! The Grand Rapids' Craig's List is amazing! I have found so many things for our house off from Craig's List and even sold a couple this on it myself! I know you Canadians like your Kijiji, as it is better than Craig's List - which I whole heartedly agree; but for us Grand Rapidians, Craig's List is the better way to go, as our Kijiji just isn't that great. So, now for the list of TrEaSuReS I have found for our home!

My latest find was a mid-century modern love seat and a couple chairs that worked perfectly in our front porch area.

They will need a little tender loving care before they are up to par with how I would like them to look, as salmon really isn't the color that I prefer, so... that will have to change, but for now they work great!

Now... I just have to figure what I am going to do with the surrounding space and accents... hmm.

~Keep posted for future listings on more treasures. :)


Thank You Bergsma Sisters-in-law!

Last week Saturday, Andrew's family kindly welcomed me into the family and put on a lovely bridal shower for me! I had lots of fun and am really looking forward to joining this lovely group of Bergsma females! Thank you, sister-in-law Jen, for posting pictures of this great occasion! You can check them out right here! :)
This picture was taken of the girls who participated in being a model bride! Aren't they lovely?

Brother Sam has Graduated from High School!

Where has the time gone? Over half my family is now in the college/career world!
It seems like just yesterday I graduated from high school, but that is now 8 years past!

Has anyone ever wondered if Home Schoolers still graduate? They absolutely do! Not only do they get to graduate once, but even several times if they wanted to! Most kids get one high school graduation, while Sam had to opportunity to participate in 3 different graduations from the 3 different home school networks he was a part of. One was from Koinonia (with 6 total graduates), where he took classes on Mondays; one was from the West MI Home School Fine Arts Association (with 30 total graduates), where he was a part of an elite chorale; and one was from GRACE Home School Association (with 20 total graduates), where he took classes on Fridays. Do to college orientation, he was only able to attend 2 out of the 3 graduation ceremonies.

One thing I appreciate about a home school graduation is that the parents are thoroughly involved. As it is the parents who do all the leg work of teaching the kids, they also get the privilege of signing the diploma and handing it to the graduate as he/she is called up on stage.

#1 - The Koinonia Graduation!
My mom read a little background story about Sam, his life as a child, hopes and dreams for the future, & where he is attending college.

My dad was privileged to had him his official diploma!
Sam had the opportunity to do a special number at the program, so he picked a song and asked a few siblings to join him in a beautiful quartet harmony. Lenelle - soprano, Sam - tenor, Dan - bass, & Anna - alto.

Here is the Koinonia Graduating Class of 2010! (Sam was already dressed for his play he had to perform right after the graduation.)
#2 - The GRACE Home School Association Graduation!
Each graduate had a table displaying pictures and any special memorabilia. Here Sam is proudly standing by his home school basket ball trophies that he has earned himself, or with his team over the past 7 years of playing.

They had a class song, which they sang for everyone. "How Great is Our God" by Chris Tomlin.
Again, my parents were privileged to hand him the diploma, while someone else read off his name, favorite verse, and future plans.

Presenting the GRACE Home School Association Class of 2010!!!
Proud Parents! :)