One Man's JuNk - Another Person's TrEaSuRe! (part 2)

Ready for another Craig's List find?

After spending quite some time continually checking for a good buy and also making sure that it was something that I could live with, I finally came across this bed for our Master Bedroom!
It is a King size bed, with dark stained wood and wicker panels for decor. I am not a huge fan of the wicker, but don't mind it as well. I do in-vision, however, a transformation coming sometime in the near future for this set. I won't disclose to you yet what it is that I plan on doing with it.

You will have to look for future posts on renovations we hope to do to some pieces of furniture and to the house! I am excited! I can't wait to have the time to start working on these projects!

The lamps that you see in the picture... they were another Craig's List find!
Sorry, I just can't help it! Practically everything I have gotten to furnish our new home was either found on Craig's List or purchased at a yard sale. That is what happens when you are dutch and just starting off your married life as poor college graduates!


  1. Looks great, Cherise! Good thing you're Dutch...saves a lot of money in the long run! Funny thing is that a lot of Dutch young couples actually end up getting say 20,000 euros extra on their mortgage to do renovations and get everything absolutely new and top-notch. I would say this is probably the case in 8 out of 10 cases! Not truly "Dutch" in our eyes, eh? Have fun getting everything ready!! And keep posting pics :)

  2. You have sure purchased some nice items so far, Cherise! Grandma Moerdyk would have been proud of you! Thanks for sharing.
    Best wishes in your planning for the big day.
    Love, Aunt Ruth


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