One Man's JuNk - Another Person's TrEaSuRe! (part 1)

I LOVE going to yard sales looking for great deals! Or even better yet... Craig's List! The Grand Rapids' Craig's List is amazing! I have found so many things for our house off from Craig's List and even sold a couple this on it myself! I know you Canadians like your Kijiji, as it is better than Craig's List - which I whole heartedly agree; but for us Grand Rapidians, Craig's List is the better way to go, as our Kijiji just isn't that great. So, now for the list of TrEaSuReS I have found for our home!

My latest find was a mid-century modern love seat and a couple chairs that worked perfectly in our front porch area.

They will need a little tender loving care before they are up to par with how I would like them to look, as salmon really isn't the color that I prefer, so... that will have to change, but for now they work great!

Now... I just have to figure what I am going to do with the surrounding space and accents... hmm.

~Keep posted for future listings on more treasures. :)

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