who is going to win...!?!?!?

Grand Rapids decided to put on an art fair where people can come and view the art pieces, vote on which ones they like the best, and the top 10 winners will receive a prize!
Last night my sister and I decided to walk around downtown and view all these interesting sculptures and art pieces that all these different artists from all across the country have worked so hard on. Many of them were very intriguing and you could tell that a lot of time and energy was put into creating each piece of art. Even after 3 hours of walking around, we simply skimmed the surface! That just simply means another trip to see some more, right!? :) Here is a handful of the hundreds of different items on display.

This "Wonder Wagon" is crafted by a local artist family and they have decided to create a "Cowbell Band". They stand by their wagon and play on their cowbells. Pretty interesting.

Isn't this piece interesting? It is made to resemble a river bed with water ripples flowing around 3 larger rocks sticking out of the surface of the river. Those are not real rocks, but copper and aluminum formed rocks with the water ripples made out of glass.

Interesting looking art hanging in a window.

This is called the "Stone Family Circle"

This is suppose to be a rat painting on the easel, but I think the artist decided he needed to touch up his painting a little bit more.

A dragon head made out of metal

Cool Bike!

"I can see this hanging on your wall" said my sister. Isn't that really sweet? I thought so.

This is supposed to resemble a tidal wave. It is made out of 300 lbs of recycled beer bottles. The artist was dripping the hot glass over it as we were standing there.

Here is my lovely sister, Lenelle, in the blue shirt! She decided to add her own little touch to this piece of art, as you can see... the little boy in the red is in progress of doing the same thing! :)

This is a guy walking around on stilts with all kinds of stuff attached to him. Not sure what he is trying to look like.... a native from the jungle or something.

This is a really, really cool bench that would LOVE to have in my back yard!! It was so cool, I had to take a picture of the back of it so you could see a little bit of how it was created.

Last but not least, this one was made out of tile mosaics, except for the hand.

It was really interesting to see! I highly recommend it for others to go and view as well! Gives you a nice view of all the different forms of art available.
Here is the website for more information: http://www.artprize.org/home


He asked.... and I said "YES!"

My friend, Nichole, had asked me a while ago if she could take me out for dinner for my birthday. Of course I said, "yes!" So, all along I was planning on hanging out with Nichole and walking the beaches in Grand Haven for my birthday. I met her at her house and we departed for Grand Haven at what I thought was a reasonable time frame. On the way there, she proceeds to tell me that she decided to check out the North Beach instead for something different. I, in the mean time, not knowing what was going to happen all night long, as she was doing the planning for my birthday, excitedly said, Ok! We got to the North beach and we immediately start walking down the beach, mind you.... illegally in front of all the private property cottages, so we could have gotten caught, but thankfully didn't! The night was gorgeous!! I had brought my camera along and was happily taking pictures while we were walking and... well... stopped to make a few perfect pictures of the beautiful now setting sun, while (unknown to me) there was a group of people anxiously waiting my arrival at the end of the pier! Here are the pictures...

My walk along the North Beach with my friend Nichole began like this... a beautiful night, not a cloud in the sky, and just absolutely perfect!

A view of the pier from my perspective and little did I know what was going to happen in the next half hour that would change my life forever!

The gorgeous sunset that we were hurrying to the end of the pier to see...
The waves were extremely high and fun to watch. I dawdled a little trying to capture several really cool shots while Nichole was trying to encourage me forward to the end of the pier
Another view of the now setting sun... and little did I know, right behind that light pole, sat Andrew impatiently waiting for me to come closer.
As I was approaching the end of the North pier, I heard my name being yelled out from across the channel. I turned to look and there was a group of people (my family) holding up a huge banner saying "CHERISE MOERDYK, WILL YOU MARRY ME?"
Totally taken by surprise, I stood there in a state of shock for a few seconds, by what I just read. I turned to my friend Nichole and said, "You had a part in this?"
While still in shock I turn around toward the end of the pier and saw Andrew coming toward me with a little box in hand. He bent down on one knee and posed the question, to which I enthusiastically said, "YES!!! "

Putting on the ring...
A close up of the absolutely beautiful ring!! He did an amazing job!!

The Happily Engaged Couple!! :)

Afterward we all met up at a designated location for all the congrats from family members and I have been beaming all night!!! I don't think anyone could have gotten the smile off my face!!
Details as to the date of the wedding has yet to be determined, so keep your eyes open for further information in that regard!

This is a picture of my family who were all involved in holding up the sign on the other side! They were definitely just as thrilled about the whole occasion.

If you look at my future sister-in-law's blog http://jenbergsma.blogspot.com/ you will gain the perspective of from the spectator's side across the channel!


celebrating one year of dating!!

On July 18, 2009 Andrew and I celebrated our one year dating anniversary. We had pictures planned for what was supposed to be a beautiful day, but ended up turning into a rainy day! Despite the weather, however, we enjoying ourselves immensely and the rain even held off during the time of taking pictures, which we were thankful for. Here is a handful of the absolutely wonderful pictures which Derek Naves Photography did for us. I cannot express how delighted we were at his creativity and the outcome of the pictures! Enjoy! :)


a delayed update...

Finally, finally, finally! I have finally updated my background and finallized the layout of my blog to the way I wanted it! I know it has taken me a loooong time, but life gets busy and you just do not get to certain things as fast as you would like to. Oh well. I have resolved to maintain regular postings from here on forward. Hope you all enjoy these last few days of summer before the major cold season starts! :)