Dutch Tummy Tub

Here are a couple pictures of Avery taking her bath in the Oh. So. Fun. Dutch Tummy Tub.

A big Thank You! to Aunt Meta for bringing this back from Holland with you.  It is meant to remind the baby of being in the womb, so when you put them in there, they thoroughly enjoy themselves.  It also gives you a picture of what they were like in the womb moving around and floating in the water.

I have started to use it a few times at night, to relax her before bed so we both can get some better sleep!  :)


  1. You do not know me but sometimes i come across your blog. Your tummy tub blog took my attention. Me being dutch.
    I see that you have filled your tub quite full. When our kids were born we used the tummy tub for all three ofthem. They tought us to fill it just under half. Your baby will touch the bottom and totally curl up like he used to sit in the womb. You can even let them sit by themselves...

    Boudewina Hulter
    Vierhouten the Netherlands

    1. Thank you Boudewina for your comment. I was told to fill it up about 3/4 full and hold her. I will have to try it with less water.

  2. You fill the tub more when your baby gets bigger of course.


  3. If you like i have two pictures. The nurse is bathing my baby. She holds him with just a finger under his chin.
    If so i gladly e mail them!

    1. Thank you! I would love to see your pictures. Then I can see how you did it. Babies are so cute anyways. :)


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