Avery Channelle

Avery Channelle
Born Tuesday, April 24, 2012
at 12:31 AM
6lb 12.5oz & 17.5 in. long

Seeing as it is 1 week today that little Avery was born, I thought I better get caught up on pictures!  I have been spending the last week trying to get caught up on sleep and feel that each day is another step closer.

We are definitely enjoying her each day and soon we will not be able to imagine life without her.

Here are all the pictures from the day of her birth and family visiting.

Cutting the cord

Proud Daddy!!!

First Bath

Happy Mommy, glad things are over! ;)

Proud Moerdyk Grandparents of #1!

Aunt Lenelle...

...and 'Uncle' Ian (soon on July 26, 2012)

Aunt Jolena...

...and Uncle Marvin

Uncle Sam

Uncle Dan

Aunt Anna

Uncle Matt

Aunt Trienna (at 10 years old)

Proud Bergsma Grandparents of #15!

Look familiar? I think each Grandpa did his fair share of picture taking. :)

On our way Home!!!

Roxy met Avery as well.

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  1. CONGRATS Cherise & Andrew!!! We won't forget this date - it's our anniversary! :D Curtis and I are so happy for you both, and we rejoice with you in your new calling as parents! What a precious gift... and I like the name Avery - it's very unique and pretty. I really can't wait to meet her! :) Goodness, Cherise, you're a mommy!!!!


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