Summer 2014 Recap: New Job, New Jersey, New York, etc

This summer has been busy and full of all kinds of adventures.

First, Andrew got a new job at GE Aviation for which we can only thank and praise God.  We have been praying for a full time hired in position (which included benefits) for a while and now God has led us to that.  We are very thankful for the secure job position and he greatly enjoys working with his new team members.

Second, we celebrated our 4th Anniversary in New Jersey.  We didn't do anything special, just hanging out with family and friends at the rehearsal dinner for my brother's wedding.  Which brings me to....

Third, we traveled 11 hours to New Jersey for a very special event in the family: my brother's wedding!  1st brother to get married, 1st sis-in-law for us girls, and 1st out of state wedding for our family!  That is a lot of firsts for us, but we enjoyed every bit of it!  We welcome you into our family, Leah, and hope you will soon feel at home with all us crazy Moerdyks here in Michigan. :)
(You will have to forgive Avery in this photo, as it was 10pm and she could hardly keep her eyes open.
The poor girl fell asleep in my arms on our way out to the vehicle, 10 min after this photo was taken.)

Fourth, we toured Ellis Island and Liberty Island the day after the wedding.  We listened and learned lots of information from the audio tours, admired all the architecture, and enjoyed the scenery of the city skyline.

 An old Fire Boat 

Now that things have settle down into a regular routine, I hope share things a little more frequently.  No promises, because I know how quickly time can fly by before you know it and it has been a while since the last post.  Well, that is all for now.  Hope you enjoyed our little visit through our pictures.  :)