Proud of her Accompishments

These pictures are a bit behind as she has advanced herself beyond this point now.  These pictures were taken the first day I found her standing in her bed after a nap and she was as proud as can be.  Now, that she knows she can do that, I always find her sitting or standing in her bed.  It is first thing she does when she wakes up.  I had to share these pictures anyways as they are still really cute with her big smile!

Here she is sitting.

Here she is on her knees.

Since the railing became too 'short', we had to lower the mattress!  Our baby keeps on growing!


9 Months & Crawling!

This was taken last week Wednesday were she was showing off her new skills of crawling.  She finds me around every corner now.  She also has a new eye for looking for what she can get into next.


Playing with Daddy

Hi all.  Seeing as it has been about a month or so since I have been on here and filling you in on our family, I thought that I really should catch up on some of my blogging.  Now that the craziness of the holidays is past and I have been spending some time organizing, I came across some videos we took that were supposed to be posted on here long ago and I just never got around to doing it.  So, even though the next few videos are a little bit 'old' (if you want to call it that, as anything is gets 'old' real fast with a girly that is growing up too fast)!
Here is one of Andrew spending some father/daughter time after he got home from work.  This was taken mid December.