The Baby Room!

I know many of you have been waiting patiently for these pictures.  This will give you the over all feel of the room, even though I don't have everything displayed yet.  My lovely sister Anna has agreed to help me with one of the projects, but since school work comes first, it may take a bit before it gets hung.

So, for a sweep around the room... right to left.  (I know kind of backwards, but that is what worked out this time.)

So as you walk through the door, directly to your right is our glider rocker
(craiglist find which I am in the process of recovering)
On the wall next to the glider is where the project that Anna is working on will be hanging :)

Next, is the closet and changing table.
I had to get some fabric and make my own closet door, as the by-fold would not open with the changing table that close in front of it.  It worked out great anyways, as I got enough fabric for a valence and for the project Anna is working on.

One the other side of the window is the crib.

Check out the awesome gender neutral colorful bedding
my Vanden Toorn relatives so kindly gave as a gift!

Another view of the crib from the side.
Above the crib is another project I was working on lately.  

Here is a closer view...

What this is supposed to be is the baby name.  I have the letter cards hanging backwards, as we do not know what gender the baby will be, but I have already starting putting on some of the letters, so you will have to wait till later to find out what it is.

For a little fun, see if you can guess what the names are!  
Here are a couple hints: 
1. Both boy and girl names are five letters long, as you can see, so it made it easy for me to have this made ahead of time
2. They both start with the same letter.

I am excited to see what you all come up with!

40 weeks!

Yup!  I made it to 40 weeks with no baby yet.  Still hanging in there, knowing that God knows best when this little one will make his/her presence known.  I have been faithfully exercising on my yoga ball, pelvic rocks, squatting, sitting tailor style, etc.  We have had our bags packed for a couple weeks now and have been taking them with us anywhere we go for the last week.  Even the car seat is in the car!

Even though we are 'physically' ready, I can still say that I am not quite sure it I am emotionally ready for this whole delivery process.  It is all new for me and I have to just trust and pray that God will guide all things to go well.

Well, here I am with my 'big' belly that dropped over a week ago! :)


Last Day of Work

I feel a mixture of bitter sweet feelings today.  I have 2 weeks left before my due date and the doctor told me today that things are still progressing well, for which I am thankful for.  But the sad part is that today is also my last day of work at the small family owned business I have worked at for the last 7 years.  All those memories, friendships, and lessons learned over the last 7 years is coming to an end.  I am sure I  will keep in contact with everyone that I have grown to close to over the years, but it will all be in a different format.

This is our most recent picture taken of everyone: Installers, Sales Staff, & Owners.

On the positive side, I am excited to start my new career of motherhood!  I am have been very much looking forward to this moment where I can be home and spend time raising my child in the fear and knowledge of God.  Homemaking is what my mother chose and so I have grown to admire that in women who are willing to stay home and raise their family.  I know that while being a homemaker, there are still plenty of things to keep the mother busy each day that she will not get bored.  Plenty of volunteer opportunities, play dates with other homemakers, church activities, etc.  As much as I have enjoyed the career world, as that is all I have known so far, I am looking forward to experiencing the home life as God intended it to be and see where He leads from here.  At this point I am not looking at heading back to work part time.  If that where to come into the plan, we will look at the options and opportunities at that point.

Thank you all who have been there for me over the years and as I make this change in my life for the future.


Pinterest pulls through for Baby Room!

I had been contemplating as to what to do in the baby room for a light fixture, as it had an old 'ugly' flush mounted gold colored thing with a glass globe.  That was TOTALLY not my style!  So, over the last several months, I had gotten hooked on to Pinterest (if any of you don't know what it is, just click here) and came accross some fun ideas.

First, here are the supplies you need:
Coffee Filters (packs of 100 for $.99 @ Meijer)
10" Lantern (World Market for $4.99)
 Pendant (Menards for $15)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Then, you glue the center of the coffee filters to the outside of the lantern.  You can make them as close together or far apart as you want, but for the look I wanted, I had them glued about 1 inch apart from each other.  It took me 3 packs of coffee filters for the size of lantern I had.  After spending time gluing it all together,  this is the result that I now have in my baby room!



Don't worry... I will try to have some actual baby room pictures up soon for you all as well. :)

Here is the link to the site I got my idea from: http://www.saucyglossie.com/home-diy-try/


Friends Shower!

A couple weeks ago I had a friends baby shower.  Sorry, I know I am behind in posting pictures.  Here are some pictures of this wonderful time!  Thank you friends for the wonderful gifts and support shown!!  We really appreciate it!  We even received several kids books and Andrew has had fun reading them to the cat and dog! :)  Guess he can't wait for the kid to come!

Cute Flower Pot with Spoons & little washcloths curled up as flowers

Activity Mat

Bath Time Necessities

Pack 'n Play

Jumpy Seat