Friends Shower!

A couple weeks ago I had a friends baby shower.  Sorry, I know I am behind in posting pictures.  Here are some pictures of this wonderful time!  Thank you friends for the wonderful gifts and support shown!!  We really appreciate it!  We even received several kids books and Andrew has had fun reading them to the cat and dog! :)  Guess he can't wait for the kid to come!

Cute Flower Pot with Spoons & little washcloths curled up as flowers

Activity Mat

Bath Time Necessities

Pack 'n Play

Jumpy Seat


  1. Hey - you got the frog pod! Love that thing...super handy. :)

  2. I did! I heard that it was the best thing out there for keeping bath toys mildew free. I can't wait to put it up and fill it with the bath toys we have already received as well. :)


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