This Summer So Far

This summer has flown by!  It has been a crazy summer with lots of rain some really cold days and nights, while other days are super hot.  Avery has been enjoying her time outside playing in the yard.  We were given a water table, cozy coupe car, and I was able to get my hands on a slide and turtle sand box.  All these things have kept her busy on the non-rainy days.

A few weeks ago was had a Victorian Party with a bunch of girls from our Book Study group.  It was so much fun dressing up, playing croquet, and eating lots of delicious food!  Here are a couple pics of the evening.

Even Avery participated!

Avery and I
- I tried the hair loosely up in a clip thing, hoping to mimic the era,
but not so sure about how it turned out.  Oh well.

Last week we were camping with some friends about half an hour north of Grand Rapids.  It was an enjoyable relaxing time, especially for Andrew, as he needed a break from the 60 hours/week of work he had been doing the last 5 weeks.  He is done with that now, so this was a great way to recuperate and head back to work this week more refreshed.  We had some rain, but over all the weather was nice when we needed it to be nice.  A friend brought along a Sea-Doo he owns and so there was plenty of rides going around the lake.  This guys all had to test it out and see what kind of 'tricks' or how fast they could go.  Even I managed to take it for a spin.  I didn't end up taking any pictures, unfortunately, so here are a few that I borrowed from a friend.
Avery with her friend - the sun was a little bright :)

Some of our friend's kids on the Sea-Doo

In a couple weeks we will be camping again at our church family camp.  Hopefully I will remember to take pictures of Avery at the beach and what ever else we end up doing there.  It is always a fun time!