Abortion & the Holocaust?

Here is a very interesting video connecting abortion to the holocaust.


1st Trimester Experiences

Just wanting to share with you some of my experiences from the 1st trimester.  It all started around 7 weeks along when I started to not feel the best at certain times during the day and in the evenings.  The increase in my sense of smell was the first major factor that I noticed.  I had an onion in my pantry that when I would open the door to get anything, it got so bad that I had to hold my breath.  I finally had to have Andrew take it out and throw it away for me, as I couldn't stand it anymore.  So, no onions at our house for a while!
The next thing on my list were eggs.  I had breakfast one Saturday morning with eggs and thankfully I didn't have to work that day, because I was laying flat the rest of the morning!  They made me so sick to my stomach that I couldn't do anything else but lay down.  So, with that said, eggs have not been a part of my diet for the last could months now and I am anxious to start eating them again!

The third food item that gave me a problem was syrup.  I don't know if it was the sweetness of it or what, but something about the syrup just didn't sit well in my stomach, so there went my waffles, pancakes, and french toast for beakfast or dinner.  I am finally starting to use syrup again and things are going much smoother than before, for which I am thankful for, as just plain cold cereal gets old when it is the only breakfast item you can eat for 2 months.

Cooking dinners had its good and bad moments.  Many times I just simply didn't feel up to cooking at all.  Some times I would try to, but then start to feel sick standing over the stove as I was frying up ground beef, chicken, or just simply dealing with most meats.  I could hardly stand to eat them as well.  So, Andrew graciously made dinner several nights for himself and whatever I felt like eating at the time.  There were only a couple items that were neutral enough in flavor that wouldn't give me an upset stomach.  At first it was Spaghetti, but then I couldn't stand the tomato sauce anymore.  Then it because the regular beef stroganof box mix, but like I said earlier, I quickly became tired of the ground beef and soon was only eating the noodles and sauce with very little ground beef.  Andrew gladly finished off the meet from my plate.

As for Cravings..... well, I never really had any so far.  I feel like I am starting to get them more now that I can eat a few more food categories.  In fact I am starting to crave things that I haven't been able to eat in a while, like desserts or any other sweet thing.  I was looking through my cook books just last night looking for a nice little recipe for some kind of bars or banana bread or cake that I can make here soon and I was drooling over almost everything that sounded really tasty!  I have a feeling that I might have a hard time making a decision.  The only thing I did have a few times while I didn't feel the best was vanilla ice cream and applesauce. Not together of course, but just the fact that both of these items have a fairly neutral flavor and were cold, they were just soothing to my nauseated stomach so I would have them occasionally before bed.

Other than that,  I really can't complain about my first trimester experiences.  Other than feeling sick and having to lay down a lot, I didn't really vomit much at all, for which I am thankful for.  When I hear about others who had to go to the hospital because of dehydration.  I am very thankful that things are going as smoothly as possible for me and everything is healthy still.  Now that I am fully into my second trimester and not feeling the nauseating tendencies anymore, I am so happy to be able to have my normal routine back for the most part.  I can cook meals without feeling sick and I can clean the house without much of a problem.  I just simply take it easy and don't push myself too much.  But I can now go on walks with our dog and not feel sick halfway through, as well as help Andrew with getting a few things done around our house in preparation for the baby.

How about other experienced moms out there?  I am sure you have had similar experiences or your own different experiences.  Do you have any words of wisdom for me as I move forward in the coming months, Lord willing?  I would love to hear from you all!



Andrew and I want to share our excitement of our expanding family!  I am 12 weeks along now and finally through most of the challenges (i.e. nausea, tiredness, etc) of the 1st trimester.  I have had a lot of fun following the weekly stages of growth and knowing what is being shaped or formed each week, etc.  Friday morning I went in for my first Dr. checkup where we were able to hear the heart beat.  Quite the experience!  What an amazing thought that God has designed a living being growing inside for a while, heart beat and everything.  What also amazes us is the fact even though our little one is only like 2 inches big, he/she is fully formed to look like a normal child!  Fingers, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, feet, etc.  They are fully shaped the way they will be when you deliver but only a smaller version.  Amazing the detail and care that God personally takes to shape each child that is developed.

For fun, here is a picture of what our little one looks like right now.

Due date is April 21, 2012.  I know it is popular for others to find out what they are having and maybe even give out names, but Andrew and I decided that we are not following that trend.  What is the point of a surprise, right? We are eager to wait and see what gift God will be presenting up with.

So, sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I have had all I can do to make sure I feel good for work and getting enough sleep, etc.  As far as my meal plans.... well, they kind of got set aside for a while as meals were on the fly most nights, as I never knew what I would 'feel' like making or eating, or even if I felt good enough to make anything at all.  Thankfully Andrew has been very helpful and has made dinners for me when he got home from work.  He has also been helpful in cleaning the house, doing dishes, getting me water and something to eat while I am laying down not feeling the best.

Here I am with my little belly!