There is so much to be thankful for in life.  God has richly blessed us as a family that we really can't complain.  Our little girl keeps growing bigger, learning new things (copying what we do, whether we like it or not), talking more (or trying to, by repeating what we say), and learning that she has a will and determination of her own.  Andrew has a wonderful job that allows me to be able to stay at home with Avery.  I babysit two other little girls that have become good friends and playmates for Avery, as well as a bit of extra income of my own.  We have a wonderful house we live in and it suits our family's current needs.  We were blessed to be able to purchase a new vehicle for Andrew this summer and sell his old car.  We both still have our parents and siblings, who we can visit and fellowship with on a regular basis.  We are thankful for a soon to be new sister-in-law (the first sis-in-law for us sisters) who will be joining my side of the family next summer. :)  (Just a little excited!)

Our family has been in great health with no major medical problems.  So many things happen in life which we so easily take for granted.  I am thinking of my cousin (my age) with breast cancer, or Andrew's sister's fiancĂ© (younger than us) who had testicular cancer.  Daily we are reminded of the frailty of life and how everything is under the watchful, caring eye of God.  We praise God that he has brought us through to another thanksgiving and soon the end of another year together.  We pray that these reminders will not be forgotten, but kept with us as we plan for the future.  May we learn to be thankful not just on thanksgiving day, but every day of the year.  Each day is a day God has given us, let us rejoice and be glad!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Ps. Eat lots of turkey for us as we will be jumping the border to visit our Canadian family. ;)


Our Cool Chic! ... and cool daddy ;)

Avery loves playing with these sunglasses.  They come on and off on a regular basis.  Sometimes she will even try to put them on us.  So here is Avery and daddy looking cool!  :)