A Fence & Trees

We dearly love our dog Roxy! Roxy likes to play outdoors but we have had to clip her to a chain since we got her, so she wouldn't run off chasing birds, squirrels or anything else that she might feel would be intruding in HER yard. So, we decided to invest into a fence. That idea was great, but we had one problem. There is a tree in the way of the fence line. It is dead anyways, so we might as well chop it down! It took some time with having to work with it bit by bit as we suddenly had all kinds of fire wood too for camping.

Here is a picture of the side of our yard with the tree and in the winter: (it was the only yard picture I had)

Here are a few pictures of us in progress (and with all the leaves on the trees):

The beginning pile of logs to be split for firewood!

The posts are set!

Here is the finished project:

This is the little corner behind our master bedroom
(with our beautiful flowering lilac and budding rhododendron bushes - this was taken in the spring)

The other side of our yard

Now.... to figure out where to build some flower gardens, etc. I think I have some work cut for me to which I better get busy with!