Butterflies are in!

Last weekend we decided to go on a family pleasure outing to Fredrick Meijer Gardens and look at all the butterflies that they have hatching in their conservatory.  Avery loves butterflies, so she was excited to see them.

Let me tell you! They were everywhere!  Flying in and out of people.  There were big ones and little ones.

It was challenging to get them to sit still long enough for me to take a picture of them.  I did manage to catch a few.  Hopefully you will be able to spot them on the pictures as some of them did not rest with their wings open.

They also had an area where they kept all the cocoons and you could see the difference between the ones that have a while to go and the ones getting ready to hatch soon.  There was even one that had already hatched and was just sitting there drying out it's wings.

Sitting on a bench watching them fly around.

Pointing out a resting butterfly...

...getting a closer look...

...and closer pictures.  :)

Ending an exciting adventure with a picture on the butterfly bench.
(she was too busy watching people that she did not want to look at the camera)