Engagement Party nov '09

I thought I would just bring up a few events from the past that I had pictures of and share them with you all.

This is of our engagement party, which was also the first time that both families officially met each other. We started out the day with bowling at a local bowling alley in London, ON and then gathered at the church for lunch and fellowship.

We also decided to take a few pictures together.
Bergsma parents on the left and Moerdyk parents on the right.

This was one of my family who made the trip to London for the event (minus my sister & brother-in-law who were not able to make it).

Showing off our beautiful Cake!

Practicing cutting the cake together! :)

Hanging out and chatting with friends...

The next few pictures are of everyone mingling together prior to lunch being served.

We even had a couple game tables to keep the kids and teens occupied... well, it looks like there were a few older ones who took advantage of that as well! :)

Starting lunch...

After lunch, Andrew and I became the center of attention as we were sat down for gift opening.

The excitement definitely had even the little neices and nephews eagerly looking on...
...and even helping with opening! :)
A square metal wall decor
A round metal wall decor with 4 little tea light candle holders
Neither person knew the other one was getting it, and everyone was surprised and excited as how closely the two flowed together in color. Regardless, I was excited for both of them I as could see them both hanging on my walls! Thank You again!!! :)

We gave our 'Thank You' speach and then handed out our 'Save the Date' cards to everyone there.
Thanks again Bergsma family for hosting and planning the event and to Everyone for all the wonderful gifts we were given. I can't wait to do things with them all in our new house!!!


Wedding update

I am very excited! I picked up my wedding invitations from the printer the other day and they look absolutely fantastic! You can scan your mailboxes with anticipation for them, well... not quite yet, maybe in a couple months. :) But I just wanted to you let you all know ahead of time, of course, I will give you a little reminder as it gets closer.
I picked up my bridesmaids dresses as well, so things are starting to come together!
I will try to keep you posted as things fall into place!