Wedding update

I am very excited! I picked up my wedding invitations from the printer the other day and they look absolutely fantastic! You can scan your mailboxes with anticipation for them, well... not quite yet, maybe in a couple months. :) But I just wanted to you let you all know ahead of time, of course, I will give you a little reminder as it gets closer.
I picked up my bridesmaids dresses as well, so things are starting to come together!
I will try to keep you posted as things fall into place!

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  1. Cherise, I love your blog! How did you make it soo pretty? Mine is pretty new so I'm still using blogger's templates. I'm going to ask Carol Laman (not sure if you know her) how she did hers too. It's also pretty. I'm glad your wedding plans are going well. Regarding bridesmaid dresses, mine is coming in a few weeks for Joanna's wedding. Will you be there? If yes, then I'll see you then :)


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