Last Day of Work

I feel a mixture of bitter sweet feelings today.  I have 2 weeks left before my due date and the doctor told me today that things are still progressing well, for which I am thankful for.  But the sad part is that today is also my last day of work at the small family owned business I have worked at for the last 7 years.  All those memories, friendships, and lessons learned over the last 7 years is coming to an end.  I am sure I  will keep in contact with everyone that I have grown to close to over the years, but it will all be in a different format.

This is our most recent picture taken of everyone: Installers, Sales Staff, & Owners.

On the positive side, I am excited to start my new career of motherhood!  I am have been very much looking forward to this moment where I can be home and spend time raising my child in the fear and knowledge of God.  Homemaking is what my mother chose and so I have grown to admire that in women who are willing to stay home and raise their family.  I know that while being a homemaker, there are still plenty of things to keep the mother busy each day that she will not get bored.  Plenty of volunteer opportunities, play dates with other homemakers, church activities, etc.  As much as I have enjoyed the career world, as that is all I have known so far, I am looking forward to experiencing the home life as God intended it to be and see where He leads from here.  At this point I am not looking at heading back to work part time.  If that where to come into the plan, we will look at the options and opportunities at that point.

Thank you all who have been there for me over the years and as I make this change in my life for the future.

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