Bergsma Families' Moving Day(s)!

Andrew's brother(Tim) and sister-in-law(Jen) have completed their 4 year stay in Grand Rapids for Tim's schooling at PRTS. Tim is now an official candidate for the FRC churches! You can see a post about the graduation HERE. The fact that Tim is done schooling also meant that they can no longer stay in Grand Rapids, due to the expiration of the student visa. So on Thursday, they loaded everything up into the "biggest" U haul they could get. They had lots of help from friends around and on Friday made the trek back to Canada to live with Andrew's parents for a while.

Tim & Jen's U Haul

If one family moving wasn't enough, the Bergsma parents are moving as well! This is all happening on the same weekend! Dad Bergsma is a pastor and accepted a call to an FRC congregation 2 hours east of where they live now. Saturday morning is when everything was packed up with lots of help from others in the congregations, to be unpacked later that afternoon/evening at their new house in Welland, ON.

Loading the trailer with another truck waiting

All 3 brothers working hard loading the trailer

It took 6 guys to move the Piano down the stairs and out the front door

Tim & Jen's U haul spent the night in London, ON to help the parents pack theirs and then they both left to continue the trek farther east! Tim, Jen & daughter Hadassah will be greatly missed here in Grand Rapids and I know Mom & Dad Bergsma will be greatly missed in London congregation.

Wishing you all they best as you move forward in life!! We love you!

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