Crawling (Wiggling) Attemps

Avery is trying so hard to get to things and just doesn't know how to get there.  She will wiggle from side to side and in the process does inch her way around.  She also rolls over and pushes herself back which gets her places as well.  The other day when we was playing so nicely in her room with Brenna (her friend) I left then alone for a bit and came back to find Avery under her crib.  She wasn't complaining, at least not yet, and still had her head out from underneath.  I have a couple storage boxes stored under there of either clothes she had just grown out of and ones that she will be needing soon, so she couldn't go too far under there as her feet bumped up against the boxes keeping her from sliding farther under the crib.

Here is a little video we took the other night of her trying so desperately to get to Andrew.

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