Advise Needed!

Help!  What do I do to keep intruders away from my flower garden?  My lily buds get eaten in the spring and my hostas have most of their leaves chewed off already!

Now, my impatiens are COMPLETELY gone!

Anyone have a good suggestion of what I can put on there to keep the deer away?  I like my garden to last a little longer throughout the summer.  I would greatly appreciate any advise that you may have for me.  Anything will be better than it looks right now.

Thank you very much in advance!

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  1. I know this is way too late, but to get rid of the deer, you have to spray your plants with stinky anti deer spray from the garden center. I had some that smelt somewhat minty and it worked and lasted a month or so. Then I forgot to spray and my hosted look like yours. But the real answer is just plant things deer don't like. Impatiens are like candy to them. Daffodils instead of tulips, etc.
    Lora VG


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