Today, I celebrate my 29th Birthday!  This is when you stop counting, right?  I remember as a teen that I looked at those who were 29 as so much older and more mature!  I thought it would take FOREVER before I got there!  ... and .... so... where did the time go?

Despite the speed of time, I am still very thankful and feel blessed every day to be the wife of Andrew and mother of our sweet little girl, Avery.  God has granted me many wonderful things and I am so grateful to be a part of them all.  I pray that this coming year will be a year of new discoveries for God and that I will be able to show the glory of God in all that I do for my family.

Andrew and I hope to celebrate on Friday night with Dinner and who know what else he has planned. :)

This is the busiest birthday week in the Moerdyk family.
My brother, Matthew, celebrated his 14th birthday on Tuesday, September 18th.

My brother Dan's girlfriend, Jade, celebrated her birthday on Wednesday, September 19th.

Now, mine being on Thursday, September 20th.  This is the only month that we have so many all in a row!

Well, I just want to say:
Happy Birthday!!!
to both Matt and Jade on your birthday and I hope that you both will be richly blessed by God in all that you do this coming year. Matt, as you are growing more and more into the teenage life, may you see God's goodness in all that He gives you and as you begin to make decisions in life.  Jade, as you are away from our family this school year, may you continue to stand strong for God and His truth.
God Bless!

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