Backyard Intruder

Hi, my name is Roxy.  I live with my kind masters who give me everything I want.  They will even play with me and scratch my belly anytime I roll over for them.  I like to protect the house and yard from any fury intruders, such as birds or squirrels or other dogs that maybe walking across the front of the house.  I really enjoy the nice fenced in backyard they made for me, especially this time of year I enjoy going out side to run around in this white fluffy stuff.  You know that it is really good to eat, right?  I just can't see to get enough of it.

I was outside one day with my master and we were shoveling off the deck, at least I was helping him shovel the deck.  Then I was chasing him around the yard as he was starting to create large balls with this white stuff.  I watched him make him make 3 different size balls and place them on top of each other.  I did not know what they were for, but I had fun running around them.  I finally gave up and decided that I had enough of the cold and white stuff and wanted back inside.

Later... BARK!  BARK!  BARK!  Who is that strange looking person in my yard? Bark! Bark! Bark!  I can't stand him!  I MUST go out side and make him go away!  He is not moving when I bark at him.  Who can this be?

Hmmm.... he isn't moving!  Dare I get closer and sniff him?  I don't know.... well....maybe.  He smells just like that same white fluffy stuff.  He still is not moving!  Strange!   Well, if he isn't going to be of any harm then I guess I can let him stay here.

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