My Brother Dan has Graduated!

Who said you can't have a graduation ceremony even though you are homeschooled?  We certainly do!  I can now say that more than half my family is out of high school.  Dan, who is #5 of 8 kids, graduated from homeschooling high school just a couple weeks ago.  Only 3 kids left!  What are they going to do with all their free time after that?  Play with grandkids! :)

Here is some pictures from Dan's Graduation ceremony.  Sorry about the dark pictures.  It was difficult lighting for picture taking.

The 5 who graduated!

We sang "O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus" 

Dan gave a really nice speech!  He took speech class and you could really see it in his presentation.  Andrew said that he should become a pastor.  We will see DV what he decides to do.
Right now he is going into H/VAC, studying at Grand Rapids Community College first and then transferring to Ferris State in a couple years.

My parents giving their little background speech on Dan and then presenting him with his diploma - another blessing about being homeschooled, the parents get to present their child with his/her diploma!

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