Guest Bathroom Makeover

I know some of you have been waiting for these posts.  It is of our bathroom renovation that started at Christmas time with demolition and it slowly grew to be a bigger project than we originally anticipated.  Also, since we had a little one in the mean time, everything pretty much was placed on hold till recently as we finally finished adding the last minute accessories.  We are glad that we did it and that it is for the most part done!

Here are the pictures of the whole process.


Here is the evidence of all the work that went into the bathroom. :)

We started this project with the intent of just replacing the tub with a stand shower and linen closet in the corner.  Since the bathroom was so small and we have another tub already, we can do without one here and stand to make this bath feel a little bit bigger, or at least give a bit more room.  After tearing out the tub, we found out that we had 16 inches of dead space behind it that is extremely valuable in a really small bathroom.  With that discovery, our project doubled in size.  Now, we decided to tear down the wall and make a new one farther back, but in order to do that, we had to empty all the blown-in insulation that had fallen from the ceiling (since they didn't know there was a whole there).  That little space took bags, and bags, and bags full of insulation.  Poor Andrew was itchy for several days.  We didn't rush too much on it, but simply worked a couple nights each week and Saturdays here and there.  I wonder if the people at Menards recognize us, as we ended up there many times after realizing we need one more item or the item we got, wouldn't work, etc.

Once we were able to clean out the blown insulation, we tore off the rest of the drywall, cleaned out the rest of the insulation, and old subfloor, as it was rotting in a few places.

Here you can see fresh insulation, a fresh 1/4" OSB subfloor, and new plumbing for both the shower and sink.

You can see here that the new vinyl floor is already in.  The new shower stall is placed on top and they are starting to hang the new drywall up.

Here is the beautiful, but not yet complete, shower base and walls.

Taping and mudding all the cracks and corners.

I realized I didn't end up with any pictures of the painting process, but you can see the results in the final outcome.  We do certainly enjoy our 'new' bathroom and also the larger floor space for comfortableness in dressing, etc.  I also have another linen closet to use, which was great a necessity. 

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  1. Cherise! I never noticed this post. Looks amazing! I shall have to check it out in person some day soon. You guys did a great job with it. Now I'd love to re-do our bathroom too!


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