20 weeks!

I can't believe that I am already halfway through! These last couple months have gone by fairly fast and I know with the holidays ahead, the next few will just fly by as well.

This Friday we had the privilege of seeing our little bundle for the first time. Andrew was able to be there as well and experience what he or she looks like, etc. I have not noticed any movement yet as there is a lot of fluid still around the baby, but still waiting in anticipation for when that moment arrives. I know once it starts, it doesn't stop, so I suppose I might as well enjoy the 'quiet' time I have right now. :)  The little one was very active and made it difficult for the tech to take pictures, but she finally was able to get all the information she needed.  The baby kept putting his/her feet and hands in front of his/her face, but toward the end allowed us to get a could good views of the face.

Here is what our little one looks like now

Here is what I look like now


  1. You look great and are rocking that dress!! :) It's Sophie.

  2. Thanks Sophie! You are always so sweet.


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