Christmas 2011 Decor

Here are some of the decorations we have at our house this Christmas. Some of the things I have had for years, some I got on sale after last Christmas, and some i have made myself using left over supplies. It is always fun to change it up from previous years and experiment with what I have to try to come up with some new things.
These cute blocks I got on discount last year after Christmas

I am reusing these vases.  The tall one is from our wedding and the short one is from a bouquet of flowers Andrew had gotten for me.  The candle was a gift from a friend last year.

Last year I didn't have curtains so I hung all our Christmas cards with ribbon from the curtain rod.
This year I wanted something different yet simple, so I hung ornaments from some left over ribbon.

I had to find a new spot for all of our wonderful Christmas cards, so I followed this idea which I know is found on Pintrest and also mentioned by a friend on her blog post.  I used some leftover ribbon I had that looks like organic hemp with a little gold trimming on the edge.

This is a wreath I made from an old garland.  I just wrapped it around in a few circles, tied a ribbon at the top and added a few berries for color.

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