Old Year Review & New Year Resolutions

Do you make resolutions each new year?  I have tried to do so in the past and yet found that over the course of the year, I would slip away from my original resolution and back fall into the same old life patterns.  I am sure that many of you probably struggle with the same, or maybe some of you have found ways to keep on top of it.  Well, if you have, feel free to share.  I would love to hear what you have found to work.

As for me, though, I am bound and determined to make some resolutions and stick with them this year.  I look forward to starting a fresh new year, as a now married woman, I know my wonderful husband will be willing to help me along, with encouragement and accountability.  Some of my resolutions are spiritual and some are physical.  Here are just a couple that I will share with you.
  • Time Management: Setting goals for each week.  As a career woman right now, it is more challenging to do everything that I would like to do or would potentially have a little more time to do if I was at home all day.  I like Sarah Mae's idea (you can see it HERE) of making a list of 6 main things that need to get done.  Although she used it as a daily list, I am going to use it as a weekly list, at least to start out with.  As the year goes on and I feel I can adjust it some, I will.
  • Menu Plan:  I hope to be more on top of our groceries this new year.  With that said, I know a few others (as well as my mom) who would always plan a week's worth of meals and purchase groceries accordingly.  I am trying to learn more from my mother, who with 8 children was able to keep the grocery bill way below the average for a family of 4!  As a family of 2, I feel I should be able to do pretty good, right?
How about you?  Do you have any new years resolutions?  I hope and pray that together we will all be able to keep on top of them this year.

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