October Update

First of all, I want to say congratulations to my friends Nichole and Mike on their wedding this past Friday night!  Nichole and I have been friends for years.  She was in my wedding here and I had the privilege of being in her wedding and sharing her special day with her as well.  I look forward to now being able to share another new step in our lives together as married women learning to be the wife that God intends for us to be and to support each other along the way.  Congrats!  So happy for you and may God bless you in this new stage in life.

Today was an absolutely beautiful fall day! Andrew and I were both home all day (for once) and had lots of time to do all kinds of chores around the house!  I organized the pile of wedding supplies that were sitting in the corner of our garage staring me in the face every day, waiting for me to have a day off!  Andrew on the other hand, worked outside cleaning up the multitude of fallen leaves and pine needles that we have accumulated on our roof top, gutters, and driveway.  He bought himself a new toy (a blower / vacuum-mulcher) to help with this process and was excitedly showing me how it worked!  So, I thought I would share his excitement with the rest of you all! :) 

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  1. Cool blower thing, but do you think you should be letting him up on the roof Cherise? :)


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