Home Alone...

 After 64 days of marriage I am home alone a WHOLE week without him!  It is just me, Roxy (our dog), and Chloe (our cat) fending for ourselves!  What am I going to do?  It was quite the experience trying get ready this morning, feed Roxy, make sure she goes potty outside (so that she is good for the rest of the day), and try to make it to work on time!  Let's just say, I will have to start a little earlier tomorrow morning.  Normally it is Andrew's job to take care of Roxy, so when I get up and leave, I know I don't have to worry about her!  Oh well.  I also got my hair cut tonight, did some laundry and organizing, and I am starting the preparation for visitors this coming weekend.

Here they are nicely helping me with the laundry!

Andrew is out of town, helping someone with some work installing geothermal piping.  He agreed to help him out for the next couple weeks and whenever else they need an extra hand.  Since the different projects they are on right now are out of town, he will be gone till Friday, be home for the weekend, and head back out on Monday for the next full week of work.

I will try to keep you posted on how things are fairing in our household this week!

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