Wedding Bells are Ringing...

I couldn't have asked for a better day, than the day of my wedding! No rain, not too hot, not too cool! Here are some snap shots throughout the day from our photographer.

We started the day with the girls getting up at 4am and meeting at the church at 5am for hair appointments. Many thought we were crazy to get up that early, but we did it!

The Ceremony started promptly at 10am with Andrew's dad officiating.  A few extended family pictures after the ceremony and then on to the reception, which was held at Post Family Farm. Every one had a great time, as well as they Bride and Groom! :)

If any of you were wondering when you can come over for your sleep over or dinner, just give us a couple weeks notice and we will make sure to make room for you! ~ This is coming from the bingo game our MC's played on us.  The winning ticket was a fancy dinner served at the Bergsma house and it lead to a weekend getaway at the Bergsma house!  Guess who won?   EVERYONE!  Yes, I said everyone who was at the reception!  Can we borrow anyone's house for that weekend, 'cuz ours just isn't big enough to hold 150 people?  Regardless, I believe everyone enjoyed the game!  You all are still welcome to visit, just maybe one family at a time, ok?  :)

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  1. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Cherise. Looks like you had a beautiful day!


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