Primed and painted!

Now that the drywall mudding and sanding is complete, I was eager to get the first coat of primer on the walls.  Once the priming was completed and dry, I didn't waist any time in repainting.

(Sorry for the fuzzy pictures.  They were taken at night with the glare of lights and with the iPad.)

My kitchen may look a little odd in this transition mode, because I painted the light grey that is in the dining room into the kitchen to the corner above the remaining hanging cabinets.  The rest of the yellow is on it's way out as well, as I am ready for something else, but I just haven't decided yet what I want to do.

Paint the cabinets a different color and keep the rest of the walls the neural grey?
Keep the cabinets white and paint the walls a different accent color?
Keep the cabinets white and paint all the walls the neutral grey?

What do you think?  Here are some more pictures to help you understand better what I am looking at.

Now that things are painted, we are ready to get the counter top on and the shelves hung.


  1. How exciiiiting! Coming along nicely Cherise! Here's my vote: I'd paint all the walls the neutral gray and then either install or fake (paint) a backsplash between the cupboards on the stove wall. (I think, anyway... ;) And I kinda like the trend of having white uppers and a color on the lower cupboards, especially with little peanut buttery and strawberry jam hands easily reach the lowers. A darker grey than the walls maybe?
    Have fun!

  2. And what if you raised your cupboards to a few inches from the ceiling, added molding to make them reach the ceiling, and then added a shelf under them? Kinda like this, fourth picture down: http://www.kfddesigns.com/2012/01/thinking-about-it.html
    (don't worry Andrew...my bright ideas stop now ;)

    1. you read my mind. I am hoping to raise the upper cabinets and put a shelf under. I am also thinking of just leaving the uppers white while the lowers will be a dark grey color. :)

  3. looks great, I love how open things are now. As for what to do.... my preference would be to do a backsplash over the counter all the way around (up to the window and cupboards) and the rest grey to the hallway (basically then its only grey waaay above the cupboards and the window wall). that would go well with the ongoing grey color but provide some contrast. I'm not sure what to do with the portion behind the fridge though as doing that grey would seem like too much and it would be nice to have it blend down the hallway since there isn't a door frame to break that part up from the kitchen. maybe another earth tone???? And yes I personally like the white cabinets.


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