Second stage of kitchen remodel has begun!

Now that the wall has been completed, and we were able to get our cabinets on sale, we are ready for the next stage of the kitchen remodel - new lower cabinets and countertop.  My dad had Monday and Tuesday off this week and Andrew took a day off as well so we could get things rolling.  Here is progress that happened over the last couple days.
Tearing out the old cabinets

Installing new cabinets!  We took the opportunity to change the cabinet styles a little bit.  We had two blind corner cabinets, but instead we decided to try to make one corner be a lazy susan.  So with some configuration we were able to squeeze in a lazy susan on one side of the sink.  We dislike those blind corners as they are always such a pain to use! 

Cabinets are in and most of the counter top.  I even started priming the cabinets.  I have my stove and dishwasher back in use and the sink is almost ready. 

I love the continuous counter on the left above the dishwasher.  Previously, there was an uneven seam where the counter above the dishwasher connected with the counter above the cabinet next to the dishwasher. I can't wait to complete the counter with filling I the corner seams with wood filler, and finishing off the butcher block counter.


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