Kitchen work continues

Remodeling an older home is never an easy task!  Andrew has had to figure out all the old wiring, that were in the walls, as well as the newer wiring done by previous owner.  Next, try to either relocated them to another spot or at least fix what was there.

A couple outlets had to be moved down on the kitchen side, an outlet that wasn't working had to be fixed on the dining room side, the kitchen light switch had to be moved down and rewired in a crazy way (down the half wall, under the walkway to the living room, up the wall by our fridge, and over the the light fixture), and the dining room light switch had to be relocated and rewired (from the half wall side to the other side of the walkway).

My dad has also been busy with getting the header looking nice and smooth again. Mudding, sanding, mudding, sanding, etc till he gets the end result he is looking for.   
On the outside wall, the kitchen side of the wall and the dining room side of the wall were at different levels.  I guess the thickness of drywall was different, so that also posed as a challenge to somehow taper it off so it is not as noticeable and hope that the shelves I am putting there won't accentuate the problem.  With the wall there, who have known the difference....until someone had the crazy idea of taking that wall away!  Oh well.  It added to the character of an old home, right?

This is the tedious part, that always makes a project feel like it is taking forever!  Cutting open the wall, seemed to go so fast, because you get big results with each step.  Once we start painting, and installing the counter top, things will start coming together again quickly, and then you start feeling like you are really accomplishing something again.

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