Our New Vocabulary

Avery has been learning lots of different words lately.  Andrew and I have enjoyed watching and listening to her try to repeat what we say or try to join in a conversation or respond to us when we ask her a question.  Certain words (mommy, daddy, no, yeah, go, uh oh, hi) we all can easily understand, while others may need a little translation.  If you ever visit our house, here is a little cheat sheet to help you. :)

BUP = cup
KICKY = kitty
BAPA = grandpa
A GO? = Where'd it go?
WA HAPPEN? = what happened?

NIGHT NIGHT = bed, or time for bed
GOG, GOGGY = dog, doggy
GUCK = duck
GOOK = book
NUM NUM = food, snack, anything good to eat
NANA = banana
NENNA = Brenna (a little girl I babysit)
BA BUY = buy buy

I know over time, she will straighten these words out with a little more proper pronunciation, but for right now, it is cute to hear her trying her best.  I know each toddler has their own "language" so it is interesting to see what each child comes up with.  What are some unique sayings does your toddler(s) have?

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