Having Fun

Avery is always trying new things.  I catch her walking around in my slippers or getting frustrated when something doesn't go exactly how she wants.  She copies everything we say and do!  Gotta watch out! :) 

These are pictures of when we last visited Grandpa and Grandma Bergsma.  We found her trying to walk in Grandma's shoes.

These puzzles were a Christmas gift and she has them down pat!  She knows where each piece goes and gets most of them in fairly easily.  The few pieces that take her a bit, she gets frustrated with quickly.

This doll stroller was also a Christmas gift and gets pushed around the house often.  Many items fill her basket and doll seat and not always is it either of her two dolls.  We chuckle at her reasoning and many times would LOVE to see inside her brain, as to what she exactly thinking.

When she climbs up on our bed, she will often crawl all the way to the top, sit with her back against the head board and pull the blankets over her lap.  She likes to sit there and hang out with me in the mornings sometimes while daddy is getting ready for work. 

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