Decorating. Confusing?

I had the enjoyment of finding an item on Craig's List to add the the decor of our home.  However, upon informing my husband, I was faced with a confused individual who didn't understand the necessity of such decor.

This is what I found... I beautiful little iron bird cage with a little ivy wrapped around it.  See, now isn't that beautiful?  I thought so!

This is how the evening went:

(on the way there) Andrew: "What do you need a bird cage for?" me: "Because I am going to use it for decoration" Andrew: "Where?" me: "On the white buffet next to the front door" Andrew: "Are you planning on putting a bird in there?" me: "NO!  A bird would not fit in there! It is much too small for that!"

(on the way home) Andrew: "So, tell me again, why do we need this bird cage?" me: "Simply for decoration!" Andrew: "But I don't understand, why would you use a bird cage for decoration?" me: "Just trust me!"

(at home, after I set it in place) Andrew: "Do you like that bird cage?" me: "Yes!" Andrew: "I still don't understand! Is that antique?" So on and so forth.  We continued our bird cage discussion for a little while and I think he ended up just giving up.

I have since added a candle inside (for now) and I have it setting on our little buffet by our dining room table.
Here is a picture of the location for now, as I may end up moving it around a bit (I tend to do that a lot, to which Andrew just sits and shakes his head......sorry dear! ;) You married a designer!).

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  1. lol, I can just hear him asking you over and over again, hehe that is funny


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