Go to www.restaurant.com and find a restaurant that you feel you would like to go to.  Click on the certificate that you would like to get.  At the checkout, use the promo LOVE and you will get 80% off your $25 gift certificate!  I just got one that only cost me $2 for a $25 certificate!  Yes, in the fine print, they want you to spend a certain amount at the restaurant while you are there, but I have figured it out.  By the time you spend $35, minus $25 for the gift certificate, you only ended up paying $10 plus the original $2 to get it!  That sounds like a deal to me!  Most of the restaurants listed are nice ones too where your average meal will be about $15 to $20 per person anyways.  It has to be a minimum of 2 people and so you can even go out with another couple and share the certificate if you wanted.  Another negative is that the certificates are not valid on holidays, but who cares!  I can wait till the next day or two in order to get the special pricing!  Check it out HERE!

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